Young Rembrandt in Leiden

young_rembrandt_1_400px_1.jpgRembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn remains the most famous artist of the Dutch Golden Age. It was in Leiden, his birthplace, that he first started drawing, sketching and painting, and where he produced his first masterpieces. Often, Amsterdam is associated with Rembrandt. But most people don't know that Leiden is the city where he developed most of his skills. Here, in the Golden Age, is where he stood out. In 2019, 350 years after his death, we celebrate Rembrandt and his work in Leiden. Special events and exhibitions surrounding this theme, will mark this year. Try the Rembrandt walking tours, visit the extraordinary exhibition 'Young Rembrandt' and experience the city of the Young Rembrandt.

The relics of the Dutch Golden Age are still present in Leiden. Or as a journalist once wrote: ‘It’s a working city, not a theme park, but it still feels connected to its past. You feel far closer to the Golden Age here than you do in Amsterdam’. Read the whole article here


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