Young Rembrandt Studio

Visit the Young Rembrandt Studio for free! The 17th-century house, at Langebrug 89 in Leiden, is where Rembrandt spent his younger years learning how to draw, paint and make etchings at the hand of his first mentor Jacob van Swanenburgh. This is a unique stop on the Leiden Rembrandt route that gives a glimpse into the life of the young Rembrandt. A special seven-minute ‘video mapping’ projection introduces you to the young master painter and the most important key figures in his life.


Young Rembrandt School
  • Young Rembrandt School

Practical information

  • Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday from 12pm to 5pm
  • Entrance: Visit the Young Rembrandt Studio for free 
  • Address: Langebrug 89, Leiden
  • Parking: Parking Garage Garenmarkt (550 meters walking distance)
  • Public Transport: Busstops Breestraat, close to Langebrug 89

    The Young Rembrandt Studio is closed on Tuesday, October 3rd due to Leidens Onzet (Leiden Liberation).


Tourist Information Point

The Young Rembrandt Studio also is a Tourist Information Point. You can buy some original Rembrandt items. Please be welcome and discover Rembrandt and Leiden! 

Rembrandt producten te koop in de Young Rembrandt Studio, tevens VVV informatiepunt.