A dramatic story

Did you know that the Pilgrim Fathers lived in Leiden for twelve years before leaving for America? Seen as the founders of the United States of America, the Pilgrim Fathers have around 25 million American descendants today (including nine presidents, Barack Obama among them). The story of the Pilgrim Fathers in Leiden and the great crossing to America is both dramatic and fascinating. How did their coming affect the Native Nations? Did they take anything from their Leiden period with them to America?

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Pilgrim walking tour

After this walking tour, which should take you around two hours, you will know all about the Pilgrim Fathers and their time here in Leiden. The walk takes you to all the beautiful places where the Pilgrims lived, taught, printed books in secret and preached. This Golden Age period also introduces you to Rembrandt, a contemporary of the Pilgrims. The walking tour was created in collaboration with Leiden American Pilgrim Museum, Erfgoed Leiden, Museum De Lakenhal and Leiden Marketing and is available in Dutch and English from the VVV Leiden Tourist Information Office or via the webshop for € 6.95

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