Young Rembrandt

Rembrandt van Rijn was born in 1606, the ninth child of a miller in Leiden. Here he saw the light and grew up in relative prosperity. In the seventeenth century he grew to become a great artist. This Golden Age of the Netherlands can still be clearly seen and felt in Leiden.

Young Rembrandt Studio

In the Young Rembrandt Studio, the 17th-century house at Langebrug 89 in Leiden, Rembrandt spent his younger years (1606 – 1630) learning how to draw, paint and make etchings at the hand of his mentor Jacob van Swanenburgh.  This is a unique stop on the Leiden Rembrandt route that gives a glimpse into the life of the young Rembrandt. A special seven-minute ‘video mapping’ projection introduces you to the young master painter and the most important key figures in his life. 

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Young Rembrandt School
  • Young Rembrandt School

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Rembrandt was seven years old when he went to the Latin School, which he attended from 1616 to 1620. The forerunner of today’s grammar school, the Latin School provided preparatory training for university. Conversations and lessons were held exclusively in Latin. It was here that Rembrandt also first learned to sketch. He studied drawing here with Henricus Rieverlinck, his first art teacher.

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Young Rembrandt School
  • Young Rembrandt School

In the footsteps of the young Rembrandt

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