Rembrandt route

A unique walking tour in the footsteps of the most famous master painter from the Dutch Golden Age that joins together all the city's historic Rembrandt locations. For example it takes you to the birthplace of Rembrandt, where you can use Augmented Reality technology to see a digital reconstruction of the house where he was born. How cool is that! You can also visit the studio of Rembrandt's mentor Jacob van Swanenburg and the Latin School, which Rembrandt attended from the age of seven. 

The Rembrandt Route is packed with background stories and countless anecdotes, and contains over 25 map extracts. An ideal starting point for an unforgettable walk through Leiden, City of Discoveries. 

The Rembrandt Route is available for € 6.95 from the VVV Leiden Tourist Information Office or you can order it from the webshop.