Park within walking distance of the city centre

Traffic is kept to a minumum in the city centre of Leiden. You can park your car in one of the three garages or one of the seven outdoor car parks. If you park at the Haagweg car park, there is a free shuttle bus that will take you to the city centre in less than ten minutes. 

Leiden is also readily accessible by car. The city lies between the A4 motorway and the A44. Once you arrive in Leiden you should bear in mind that the centre is restricted for traffic. In the city centre the number of parking spaces is limited. You can best leave your car in one of the three garages or one of the seven outdoor car parks. Details of the parking facilities are given below. 

  • Haagweg Park and Ride
    Leiden’s biggest car park is on the Haagweg; it serves as a Park and Ride facility.  Both in the day and the evening shuttle buses operate between the car park and the city centre. Special arrangements can be made for groups of visitors so that you are always assured of easy transport to the city centre.  
  • Lammermarkt/Molen de Valk Car Park - Due to the construction of the new parking garage under the Lammermarkt the Lammermarkt and Molen de Valk car parks are not available.
    The car park at the Molenwerf is in the shadow of the De Valk Windmill and is close to the Beestenmarkt square and De Lakenhal Museum. 
  • Morssingel Car Park
    The Morssingel car park is located behind the block of flats opposite Leiden Central Station, close to the Leiden Visitor Centre , the ANWB and the National Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkenkunde). 
  • Breestraat Parking Garage
    The Breestraat parking garage is above the Hoogvliet supermarket and can be reached via the Kaardesteeg.
  • Haarlemmerstraat Parking Garage
    The Haarlemmerstraat parking garage is above the Albert Heijn supermarket. The entrance is in the Middelstegracht. The garage is not accessible for motor cycles.
  • Langegracht Parking Garage
    The Langegracht parking garage is situated next to the Digros supermarket.
  • Garenmarkt Car Park
    From the Garenmarkt car park you can be in the Rapenburg, the Doezastraat or the Breestraat in no time.
  • Kaasmarkt Car Park 
    The Kaasmarkt car park is between the Hooigracht and the Hooglandse Kerkgracht. It is usually very busy. As an alternative you can use the Haarlemmerstraat parking garage.
  • Morspoort Car Park 
    The Morspoort car park is close to one of the two ancient gateways that gave access to the city.

Weekend parking tip:

LUMC parking garage, Albinusdreef Leiden
Opening hours: Sat: 09.00-19.00 hrs, Sun: 11.00-19.00 hrs

Current parking information