Leiden 2022

Leiden is European City of Science in 2022, during which there will be a 365-day long programme for anyone with a curious mind. The ultimate goal of Leiden European City of Science is to connect science and society.

Leiden 2022

Every two years, EuroScience in Strasbourg awards the title of European City of Science to a new European city. The title is awarded as part of Europe's largest biennial multidisciplinary science conference: the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). In 2022, Leiden hosts the 10th edition of ESOF. In September 2022, the EU Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) will also take place in Leiden, the city with the oldest university of The Netherlands. 

365 days

During Leiden 2022 there will be a 365-day long programme for anyone with a curious mind. The year is being organized together with numerous national and international partners to connect science and society. Anyone can participate, from leading international scientists to curious kids — as well as artists, companies, students, community centres and museums.


Highlights Leiden 2022

Seeing Stars Leiden

In the year in which Leiden may call itself European City of Science, Daan Roosegaarde and UNESCO will bring the stars back to Leiden. "Lights off, stars on!"

Seeing Stars Leiden
Daan Roosegaarde in de Leidse Sterrewacht.

Leiden 2022

The theme of Leiden2022 is “Who Knows”. This reflects the current zeitgeist, in which opportunism and deepfakes gnaw at scientific integrity and truth-finding. “Who Knows” is about who owns wisdom nowadays? Who determines what is true, and who knows what the future will look like?

Trailer Leiden2022
  • Trailer Leiden2022

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