Leiden Loop

The Leiden Loop walking tour is the ideal way to discover the most beautiful locations in Leiden. It takes you past many historic buildings and monuments, and special views are guaranteed during this walk! Discover Leidens history a unique city walking tour full of iconic highlights. 

The Leiden Loop is available from the VVV Leiden Tourist Information Office and costs € 6,95 or you can order it from the webshop.

The best spots in Leiden

Strolling through the alleys of Leiden, you imagine yourself back in another time. What if would you bring the young Rembrandt back to the present? He would know exactly how to walk. From the old Academy building where he studied, along the canals, city gates, bridges and windmills, through the many courtyards. Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful stories of the city and get acquainted with Leiden's history. You are in the City of Discoveries for a reason.

City of monuments

When you walk through Leiden, you realise there is so much to see. There is something beautiful to discover on every corner of the street. Not surprising, because the city has almost 2,800 monuments. From hidden courtyards to windmills, churches and city gates. With the Castle in the middle of the city as the highlight.

More monuments

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