770 | The Silver Factory / Berbice Country Estate - Voorschoten


De Zilverfabriek / Buitenplaats Berbice
Leidseweg 219
2253 AE voorschoten
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When you drive from Leiden to Voorschoten, the Zilverfabriek (silver factory) is on your right when you enter the village. The white building can be recognised by its elongated shape with stepped gables at both ends. The founder of the factory was businessman Johannes M. van Kempen III from Utrecht. His workshop there had become too small and the municipality of Utrecht did not give permission for his expansion plans. That’s why he moved to Voorschoten with his family in 1857, where he had the opportunity to implement his grand plans. He bought the Berbice estate and the adjacent land. where he built his Zilverfabriek.