Goodies Traiteur


Breestraat 110
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Your mouth will start to water as soon as you enter Goodies Traiteur and see the display cabinet filled with international cheeses and cured meats, olive oils and balsamic vinegars fresh from the tap, not to mention Granny’s baking products, tapas to accompany drinks, roasted salts and a unique chocolate line. Starving from all that shopping? Goodies is the place for a luxury filled roll or a delicious salad that you can enjoy outside in the sun. But at Goodies you’re also at the right place for an evening meal. This bright shop is right next to the town hall in Leiden and it shatters the stuffy image of a caterer. Goodies also sells beautifully wrapped gifts for yourself or as a present from Leiden for those at home. Tip: bag a ‘goodie bag’ as a gift.