Wednesday 26 June

Developments in advanced microscopy; is seeing really solving?


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Is it really true that seeing is solving? Make sure you don't miss our interactive presentation in collaboration with Kadans, where our specialist in advanced microscopy will guide you through the latest developments in (advanced) microscopy.

During this session, our advanced microscopy specialist will guide you through the latest advances in advanced microscopy, highlighting the complex techniques that often involve laser light and are used in groundbreaking research. This workshop is particularly relevant to anyone in the LBSP community who uses these advanced microscopy methods.

Highlights of the workshop include:

🔬 Expert insight: Our specialist presents the latest developments in advanced microscopy, providing an in-depth understanding of how these technologies are revolutionizing research.

💬 Interactive Discussion: Audience involvement is encouraged. Our expert will ask questions to attendees, allowing for real-time discussion and immediate handling of case studies and questions.

🏅 Contributions from Evident: Learn about Evident's century-long legacy in microscopy innovation and our continued commitment to supporting the research community with state-of-the-art imaging solutions.

This workshop offers an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge of advanced microscopy, connect with a specialist in this field, and network with peers.


  • Wednesday the 26th of june 2024 from 11:00 to 12:30