Courtyard walk

Limited access
1 hour (5.0 km)

Leiden has no fewer than 35 courtyards. Anyone unsuspectingly opening a door between two houses can suddenly find themselves standing in a beautiful historic courtyard! Every courtyard has its own story to tell. Many of the courtyards are still inhabited and, to be honest, who wouldn't want to live here? Almost all the courtyards can be visited, but please respect the residents’ privacy.

You can buy a courtyard walking tour map for € 3.50 at the VVV tourist office.  Entrance to the Sint Anna Almshouse (chapel/museum) is € 2 per person (open Saturdays 14.00-16.00). Visiting the chapel/museum is optional. Or maybe you'd prefer to take a guided tour of the courtyards? No problem! See our guided tour page.

Sights on this route

Steenstraat 17
2312 BS Leiden

Brouchoven Almshouse

Papengracht 16
2311 TD Leiden
Brouchoven Almshouse
Zegersteeg 14 13

Van Assendelft Almshouse

Van Assendelftshof 2
2312 PJ Leiden
Van Assendelft Almshouse
Sionsteeg 4