Treasure hunt walks

The entertaining Treasure Hunt walks allow you to explore the historic city centre at your own pace. The routes are easy to follow, with clues to find and a mystery to solve, while taking in the most beautiful and surprising areas of the city.

There are two Treasure Hunt walks, each taking in a different part of the beautiful city centre. The Murder Mystery route (Mysterieuze Moordroute) investigates the murder of a leading astronomer. You circle around the most beautiful of Leiden's canals: the Rapenburg canal, looking for clues. During the Spy Mission (Spionmissie) you explore the area around The Burcht, the imposing keep at the heart of Leiden, looking for a secret code. Only then can you save the city from disaster…

The Treasure Hunt walks are designed for everyone aged 6 to 100; they are written for adults, but with a little help they are also very suitable for children! Each route is around 3.5 km long and takes around 2.5 hours to complete.

The route booklets can be purchased for €12.95 from the VVV Leiden Tourist Information Office or via the webshop. The Murder Mystery route is also available in English.