Seeing Stars Leiden

In the year in which Leiden may call itself European City of Science, Daan Roosegaarde and UNESCO will bring the stars back to Leiden. "Lights off, stars on!"

Are you joining us?

On September 25th 2022, Leiden will be home to a remarkable experiment: Seeing Stars Leiden. In the wide vicinity of the Leiden Observatory, all the lights will be turned off for one hour. The more lights that are turned off, the less light pollution there will be and the more stars we will be able to see in the sky. Seeing Stars Leiden will be surrounded by all kinds of activities.


Daan Roosegaarde in de Leidse Sterrewacht.

About Seeing Stars and Leiden2022

Leiden is European City of Science in 2022: a 365-day science festival packed with activities, exhibitions and events. The main goal of Leiden2022 is to make a connection between science and society.

The European Space Week is part of Leiden2022. Seeing Stars Leiden is seamlessly connected to European Space Week as one of its main highlights. A unique event for citizens, visitors and the scientific world.

De Oude Sterrenwacht in Leiden vanaf de singel gezien.

Questions that arise during this project, and the idea of "lights off", are: Which stars will we be able to see, and how many?, Where is the light pollution in Leiden located?, Do we feel safer is there is much light around us?, Do we suffer from to much light?, How does our artificial light influence nature?, How do we experience the dark?. These questions connect to fields of astronomy, nature & environment, well being, culture, security and many more!

Seeing Stars Leiden is currently in the process of informing and inspiring organisations, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and other Leideners who would like to contribute to this unique event.

Press information
Daan Roosegaarde in de Leidse Sterrewacht.

Programma - There are all kinds of activities around Seeing Stars Leiden!

Kathleen Ferrier, Chairperson ath Netherlands Commission for UNESCO: "More than 80% of the planet's population lives under a sky, polluted by artificial lights; a barrier that stops us from experiencing the beauty of the Universe. Everyone should have the right to see the stars in a non-polluted nightly sky. Looking at the stars makes you feel connected to each other, we are after all part of the same cosmos. This is the common and universal legacy that I strive for. Seeing Stars is an important step forward."