Expositie Iran in Galerie Amber Leiden

Sharareh Zandian, geboren 1967, wonend en werkend in Teheran
Data: 7 juli tot 12 augustus 2019

Galerie Amber
Hooglandse Kerkgracht 8, 2312 HT Leiden
openingstijden: do-zo van 11-17 uur en op afspraak tel. 071-5149040 of 06-17724630

Tentoonstelling met recente schilderijen van Sharareh Zandian genaamd soul of the moon, from paradise.

“Since many years I have a great passion for the spiritual (holy) art. Therefore I did much research on the art of Zen and Taoism and learned from the spiritual masterpieces. Painting is a way for me to find answers regarding essential questions of life and existence. I hope and believe that the art has influence in human life. The most important themes I want to express in my paintings and performances are peace, spirituality and humanity.

The use of letters and words plays an important role in my works. The source of these scriptures is the ‘Saghakhaneh’ movement (period of an artistic era in which they used many religious symbols and translated them in a modern way). The mandalas (magic circles) attract me as well. Also the color turquoise is a special color that comes from the Iranian post-Islamic art period. This color has been largely used in the architectural expressions of domes of mosques and pools in the Persian garden to bring and join the purity and innocence of the heavens to earth.”

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