De la Soul

Morsstraat 60 2312 BN LEIDEN

The first soul food restaurant in Leiden has opened its doors. De La Soul, just through the Morspoort, has a broad menu for lunch, dinner or drinks. On the menu: soul food! Delicious food that arose in the south of the United States influenced by the Creole, Cajun and Caribbean cuisines. Enjoy lunch or an evening meal at an intimate table or order real Soul Food finger snacks at the bar. The real ‘Soul’ experience is not just limited to the food. The wide range of wines and beers that you can choose from and the soul music (what else?) playing in the background ensure that all the ingredients are there for an afternoon or evening of pure enjoyment. What’s more, the sunny pavement café will make you want to stay for a long taste of Soul in Leiden.

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  • Terrace

Type of restaurant

  • Eating establishment
  • Eating establishment


  • Air-conditioning
  • High chair
  • dogs accompanying disabled allowed

Location and parking

  • Indoor car park
  • Paid parking
  • Parking next to accommodation