Leiden Loop

Take a walk back in time via internet!

The Leiden Loop is a tour around 24 historic sights in the city centre of Leiden. Signboards show you the route. You don't have to follow the whole walk, you might just come across any one of these city sights in passing. Information boards offer you a brief glimpse of the history of the different places. Are you curious to know more? Then you can use mobile internet to play back soundbites and video clips that transport you back in time. You can also access the clips from your computer or laptop. 

Listen to Leiden Loop teaser

Click on the location links below to listen to episodes from the history of Leiden.

1. Rijnsburgerbrug

14. Langebrug

2. Beestenmarkt

15. City Hall

3. Molen De Put

16. City Hall square

4. Rembrandtplaats

17. Burcht

5. Doelenpoort

18. Hooglandse Kerk

6. Rapenburg

19. Orphanage

7. Academy Building

20. Waag

8. Rapenburg across the Vliet

21. Waaghoofd

9. Van der Werfpark

22. Vrouwenkerkhof

10. Kamerlingh Onnes Building

23. Marktsteeg

11./12. Pieterskerk

24. Lakenhal

13. Gravensteen