Horse pee, parsnips and paint brushes, go through Leiden with Rembrandt

City walk for children (8-12 years) about Rembrandt in Leiden. Rembrandt van Rijn grew up in Leiden in a very exciting time. Leiden had fought in the war with the Spaniards, and was liberated. After liberation, the city grew very quickly. Rembrandt lived in Leiden for 26 years. Of course, a lot has changed since then, but yet… if you would put him in the streets right now, he would be able to find his away around. There are spots that look almost exactly the same as in Rembrandt’s time. And that is already 400 years ago. Some things were very different back then, but others weren’t at all, as you will see during this city walk.

Available at VVV Leiden for €2,95.