The Leiden Loop

History comes alive in the old Dutch city of Leiden. The Academy building of the University, the Weighing House and the Citadel, the stately mansions along the canal Rapenburg, the beautiful churches and the 35 almshouses, each tell of Leiden's history. This is where Rembrandt was born and learned how to paint, where Clusius planted the first tulips in Western Europe and where Holland's first university was founded.

The street plan of Leiden has hardly changed since the 17th century. Small, hard to find alleys, unexpected spots behind seemingly closed doors, a Citadel which tourists may pass unawares, Leiden doesn't give up its secrets just like that. That's where the Leiden Loop comes into play. Characteristic poles mark this circular walking tour. Walk from one pole to the next and you can be sure to discover many treasures of Leiden. And you will return to your starting point. The itinerary can also be found in the booklet, which offers you a photographic overview of the most important and beautiful spots of Leiden. The Leiden Loop is available at the Tourist Information Centre and costs € 4.95.