Stark Thriller Walk (Grimmige Gruwelloop)

This children's treasure hunt takes you back to the gruesome practices of the 17th century. Ideal for a children's party or just a day out with the whole family.

The Grimmige Gruwelloop consists of four booklets with four different characters. Divide the roles and experience an unforgettable journey through Leiden. Take Marie de Slegte, a bloody murderess from the 17th century, or Cornelis de Groot a strict and ruthless policeman. She and the others tell the story of right and wrong in Leiden. On the basis of exciting questions and assignments, it gradually becomes clear that in the 17th century people did not take it that closely with high penalties. Decapitation, suspension and drowning were the order of the day ... Do you still dare?

The Grimmige Gruwelloop is suitable for children from the highest primary school classes under supervision. A package for four children costs € 7.50 and is available at VVV Leiden.