City walks

Get to know the town by way of a walking tour. A wide choice of themes are available with an English instruction. Buy one of the Leiden city walks at the Tourist Information Centre:

Guided tours

Do you prefer a guided city walk? Visit the Guided tours page.

Photograhpy Tour with guide
In a 3 hours photography walking tour I will show you how to take great photographs of Leiden with its rich cultural heritage of science and arts. Read more here!

Photography walking tours with Dutch Photo Trek
These photography tours are friendly, informative and informal for small groups of up to 6. You will visit the main sites of interest and see other more unusual aspects. You will learn about the fascinating history and culture of the city. Discover more here.

City walk with Go Food Tours 
A food tour with Go Food Tours Leiden is a guided culinary promenade with stops at carefully selected restaurants, bars, cafes and / or specialty stores. At the stops you sample delicious food and enjoy stories from enthusiastic bakers, chefs and entrepreneurs with a true passion for their profession. Discover more here.