Gift vouchers

A gift voucher is welcomed by most people. Gift vouchers can be used at many different outlets, so there is something for everyone. Gift vouchers are nice to give and to receive, both for business purposes and socially. You have a wide choice of gift vouchers for both the business and the consumer market.  

The different kinds of gift vouchers that can be bought from the Tourist Information Centre are listed below.

VVV Gift Voucher

The VVV gift voucher is one of the most popular gift tokens in the Netherlands and can be redeemed at more than 30,000 outlets, including shops, amusement parks and restaurants. VVV gift vouchers are valid for an unlimited period and can be bought in the following values:  € 5; € 7.50; € 10; € 12.50; €15; € 20; € 25; € 50.

PODIUM Gift Voucher

The Theatre and Concert voucher has been given a facelift. Rather than pre-printed amounts, you can now determine the value yourself (between € 10 and € 150). The PODIUM gift voucher can be arranged by the staff at the Tourist Information Centre, online, for whatever amount you choose. 

National Film Voucher

A film voucher can be redeemed at all cinemas and film theatres in the Netherlands for any film. The National Film Voucher is available in the following values: € 5; € 7.50; € 10. gift voucher

The gift voucher is a gift token exclusively for use online at The voucher is valid for three years and can be used for the whole range of products available from The voucher is available in the following values: € 10 and € 25.

VVV Dinner Cheque

This culinary voucher allows the recipient to enjoy an excellent dinner at any of more than 1400 restaurants. The Dinner Cheque is a card and can be charged between € 10 and € 150.

VVV Lekkerweg

VVV Lekkerweg (VVV weekend break) is a overnight stay gift voucher. It is wrapped in a deluxe gift box including inspirational tips for a daytrip. 


The fashioncheque is the fashion gift voucher of the Netherlands and exchangeable at more than 10,000 clothing stores. The fashioncheque can be upgraded with any amount between € 10 and € 150.