Gift vouchers

A gift voucher makes a great gift in general. The vouchers are available in a range of value options, to suit every occasion. Our gift voucher is a pleasure to give and to receive, as a personal or business gift. You can choose from a wide range of gift vouchers, for the corporate and consumer market. If you wish to order gift vouchers for business purposes, please contact us and we will provide your with a corporate order form: VVV Leiden, tel. 071-5166000 or

Below you will find an overview of the gift vouchers available at VVV Leiden.

Tourist Information Centre Leiden gift cards 

VVV Cadeaukaart (Tourist Information Centre Gift Card)

vvv cadeaukaartThe new version of the trusted VVV Cadeaubon. The VVV Cadeaukaart offers a wider range of options as it can be used in stores and online. The VVV Cadeaukaart is available in every denomination and can be used in multiple transactions. Choose the value of your gift between €5,- and €250,-.

  • The largest range of shops, wellness, museums, amusement parks, zoos, charities etcetera
  • Can be used at hundreds of webshops with millions of products
  • Available in any denomination and can be used in multiple transactions
  • Safe and reliable due to our 100% balance guarantee


VVV Dinercheque (Dinner Gift Card)vvv dc vernieuwd facebookpost v1

Purchase the tastiest dinner gift voucher of the Netherlands: the VVV Dinercheque! Delicious dining at over 2200 restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Unlike other restaurant gift vouchers, the VVV Dinercheque is valid for 5 years. This gift voucher is available in every denomination. Choose the value of your gift between €5,- and €250,-.

VVV Lekkerweg (City Break)

vvv_lekkerweg.jpgVVV Lekkerweg is the best city break gift of the Netherlands, offering a choice of over 2500 accommodations. Feel like going on a cycling or walking holiday? Or staying at a picturesque hotel in the heart of a city? Unlike other holiday gift cards, the VVV Lekkerweg gift card is valid for 5 years. VVV Lekkerweg is available in every denomination. Choose the value of your gift between €5,- and €150,-.



These gift cards are also available at the Tourist Information Centre Leiden:

PODIUM Cadeaukaart (STAGE Gift Card) podium_cadeaukaart.jpg

The Podium Cadeaukaart offers a choice of over 30,000 shows and concerts throughout the Netherlands on a yearly basis. From musicals to ballet performances, and from operas to pop concerts. The Podium Cadeaukaart can be used at over 280 venues in the Netherlands. Choose the value of your Podium Cadeaukaart between €10,- and €150,-.

Nationale Bioscoopbon (National Cinema gift card)

The Nationale Bioscoopbon equals an action-packed, hilarious or romantic evening out. The Nationale Bioscoopbon is the cinema gift card that openbioscoopbon.pngs the doors to over 150 cinemas and film theatres throughout the Netherlands. Here, you can enjoy a film of your choice. The Nationale Bioscoopbon is available in every denomination between €10,- and €150,-. The gift card can be used for the purchase of cinema tickets only, and can be used in multiple transactions. The card is valid for 3 years. The Nationale Bioscoopbon: the best gift in the dark…

bol_com.png Cadeaukaart ( Gift Card)

Looking for a gift that will definitely be appreciated? Give a Cadeaukaart. With this gift card, you are actually giving a range of over a million presents to choose from. Choose the value of your gift card between €5,- and €150,-. 

boekenbon.pngBoekenbon (Book Gift Card)

Reading enriches one’s life. And so, the Boekenbon is the perfect gift for business relations and colleagues. The Boekenbon offers a choice of many genres: management, cooking, travel, sports, youth and literature. Also: online or in the shape of an e-book! The Boekenbon is valid for 3 years and allows you to purchase any book or e-book. The happy recipient of the gift card can use it to shop at over 1500 retail chains, department stores, individual bookshops and webshops. Choose the value of your gift card between €5,- and €250,-.