Stationsweg 26, 2312 AV Leiden

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 07:00 - 18:00 hrs 
Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00 hrs 
Sunday: 11:00 - 15:00 hrs 

Your key to Leiden

How do I get to the Law Faculty? Is there a city tour of the Leiden almhouses? What is there to do this weekend? The Tourist Information Centre has the answer to all your questions about Leiden.

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Your visit to Leiden starts at the Tourist Information Centre. We can provide you with ideas for trips, a city plan, advice on accommodation and much more. The Tourist Information Centre is very easy to reach; it is ideally located, near Leiden Central Station and the bus station.

You can be sure of a warm welcome here, whether you are a student, a tourist or a business visitor. We can help you with transport, accommodation, restaurants, tickets and much more. A visit to the Tourist Information Centre will smooth your path for the rest of your stay.

Extra information:

- Anne & Max - Gangetje 2
- Bloemenboot ‘De Watertuin’ - Blauwpoortshaven 7
- Boekhandel Kooyker – Breestraat 89
- EDUARD – Hooglandsekerkgracht 6
- Douglas – Haarlemmerstraat 143
- Kapsones Kappers – Doezastraat 31
- Pieterskerkcafé – Kloksteeg 16
- Stadsgehoorzaal – Breestraat 60
- State of Art – Nieuwe Rijn 11
- Café l'Esperance - Kaiserstraat 1
- Young Rembrandt Studio -
Langebrug 89

Extra Information points in the city centre

Apart from the Tourist Information Centre on the Stationsweg, visitors and (potential) business owners can also go to 10 extra locations for information about the city centre.

The ‘Tourist Information Points’ are located at various businesses in the city centre and can be recognized by a ‘Tourist Information Point’ sticker on the window. At every location, a display with maps will be available, as well as the event calendar and the city guide for visitors. Also, the staff members at every location will be informed regularly about the situation in the city centre. This way, visitors are being informed correctly as well.   

For potential business owners with questions, there are special developed Z-Cards at the Tourist Information Points with more information about the atmospheric areas, a description of every area and other interesting data. The contact details of the business consultant of Centrummanagement Leiden, Hans Genotte, can be found on the Z-Card, who has great communication with the businesses in the city centre.

The businesses below are very happy to contribute to this service for improvement of the hospitality and findability, and enlarging the motif for multiple visits.