Tuk aan de Vliet

Vlietweg 44 2323 LC LEIDEN

Welcome at Tuk aan de Vliet,
Our 17th century farm is located at the Vliet canal, at a ten-minute bike ride from the historical city centre of Leiden. Boats & bikes pass, people are running, walking and skating, all enjoying the lush green just outside of town. In our yard the rooster, his hens and our rabbit roam about. If you’re lucky, even our ginger cat Tuk will stop by.

We offer 4 complete apartments

Whether you’re staying in the Padstal, the Moerbint, Toon & Toos or our Kruiskozijn loft: each apartment has its private kitchen, bathroom, shower and living room and the Padstal and Moerbint even have a garden.

Sustainable heating & speedy wifi

Of course there’s high speed wifi access in all of them. Our heating system is where the 17th century meets the 21st: the pig sty furnishes our electricity by solar panels and on the roof our so-called solar boiler takes care of hot water for all.

The minimum stay at Tuk is 2 nights
We make sure there’s a parking space for you in the yard and the first two mornings we’ll serve a delicious breakfast.

Would you like to visit?

You’re more than welcome. Just send us an email at tukken@tukaandevliet.nl and we’ll make sure there’s someone here to greet you and show you around.

Tuk aan de Vliet
Vlietweg 44
2323 LC Leiden