About Leiden Marketing

Leiden Marketing is responsible for the city marketing of the city Leiden and also takes care of the operation of the VVV and the Expat Centre.

Our aim, besides hospitality of the city, is putting the brand ‘Leiden’ on the map, with increased visitors, congresses and students as desired result. We also wish to achieve a connection between the bustling city and her inhabitants. The organisation gives substance to the brand ‘Leiden, City of Discoveries’.


The partners in the city of Leiden want to work together to promote the city of Leiden better. They do this out of the belief that together they form an important part of the character of the city, but they also want to work together out of well-meant self-interest. If the city has a good image, this reflects well on their own organisation. Through collaboration the goals of the own organisation can be achieved more efficiently.

For Leiden this means that nineteen organisations have united in the Netwerk Stadspartners Leiden Stad van Ontdekkingen (Network City Partners Leiden City of Discoveries). They promote Leiden from the city vision ‘Leiden, City of Discoveries’ and make decisions that fit with this vision.

2004: Vision for the future of the municipality: Leiden, City of Discoveries
In 2004 the municipality of Leiden started orientation on the possibilities of combining different parties involved in the promotion/city marketing of Leiden. By merging different parties, who were already active in marketing, an organisation was formed that was jointly a lot stronger than any individual one could have been.

2005 and 2006: Orientating conversations with partners in the city
Around the period 2005-2006, the focus was mostly on building a structure and deciding the role and responsibilities of the different city partners and different layers of management.

End 2007: 18 city partners decide to work together, Leiden Marketing begins
End 2007, the overarching foundation Stadspartners Leiden was founded. These city partners have bought themselves in and in return are able to choose a representative to promote their interests in the board of the organisation. There is one condition for this: the individual interest is subordinate to the overarching goal. This goal is the city marketing of Leiden.

Besides the Stadspartners Leiden that are involved out of commercial interest, the municipality is also involved in the management and activities of Leiden Marketing.