Dutch Bio Science Week

Dutch Bio Science Week

The last week of June, Leiden is all about health. Dutch Bio Science Week is the new name of the former Life Sciences and Health Week, which was first organized in 2022 when Leiden was European City of Science for a year. 

Dutch Bio Science Week

The new name Dutch Bio Science Week, with a recognizable link to the Leiden Bio Science Park, marks the start of a professional and strong profile of Leiden and the Bio Science Park, the largest life science & health cluster and park in the Netherlands. as the beating heart of the Dutch Life Sciences and Health ecosystem. At the same time, this gives substance to the 'legacy' program of the European City of Science year. 

Open day Leiden Bio Science Park

The Open Day of Leiden Bio Science Park is taking place for the first time. Visitors can take a look behind the scenes at several locations within the park. A day full of discoveries and suitable for all ages. From interesting tours through laboratories to food labs, practical workshops and lectures.

A healthier future, for everyone

Dutch Bio Science Week offers a broad program and will be the umbrella name under which many existing and new activities with the theme of health and the future of health will find a place. The week therefore serves a broad target group and brings together talent, start-ups, scale-ups, researchers, investors and the general public. “How wonderful it is to get a look behind the scenes of the Leiden Bio Science Park,” says Esther Peters, director of the Leiden Bio Science Park. “A lot of people have no idea what's happening here. Time to open our doors and showcase the exciting innovations that improve our health and extend our lives. That is partly why we think it is important to invest in this. Leiden can be proud of its Leiden Bio Science Park!” 

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