donderdag 7 december


Canadian Guitar Virtuosos Celebrate the BLUES

Rob Lutes is a fascinating Canadian singer/songwriter from one of the suburbs of Montreal.
A born storyteller with a gravelly voice and praised for his masterful fingerstyle guitar work.
Since the release of his first album 'Gravity' in 2000, Rob Lutes has been steadily building an extensive musical legacy.
Not without success, because his performances & albums have led to numerous prestigious awards in both the USA and Canada.
His music is a rough mixture of blues, folk, Americana interspersed with country & jazz tones
During this tour, Lutes will once again be accompanied by his regular compadre Rob MacDonald, a renowned and extremely versatile guitarist.
Over more than two decades of playing together, Lutes and MacDonald have developed the rare ability to seamlessly blend their individual sounds – Lutes' acoustic fingerpicking style and MacDonald's resophonic guitar accompaniment – into a sound that is exceptionally ingenious and intense.
An experience....


  • Donderdag 7 december 2023 20.30 - 23.00 uur


  • €15.00