Chamber choir Con Passione is celebrating its anniversary with an extraordinary concert on Oct. 7, focusing on the current theme of "Peace and Freedom. Under the inspiring direction of conductor Gilles Michels.

A highlight of the evening will be the performance of "The National Anthems" by David Lang, a choral work in the minimalist tradition. Together with DansBlok, the Leiden collective of professional dancers and dance makers, and a beautiful string quartet, the choir will stimulate all of the audience's senses and deliver a penetrating message of unity and freedom.
Chamber Choir Con Passione's program includes a rich variety of subdued meditative pieces to contemporary compositions, all dedicated to the theme of Peace and Freedom. The choir takes the audience on a journey around the world, harmoniously blending sounds from Ukraine to America and from Northern Europe to the Eastern world.


  • Zaterdag 7 oktober 2023 20.15 - 22.00 uur


  • €25.00