Sorry, this event is not available anymore
until 26 June

City Festival de Lakenfeesten


On Friday evening we traditionally start with the Peurbakkentocht (a novelty boat parade).

From Friday the little ones can enjoy a funfair.


On Saturday, the Dutch Dragons will once again organize the largest dragonboat racing event on inner-city water: the open Leiden championship. You will find these sports enthusiasts on the water of the Apothekersdijk.

On Saturday and Sunday enjoy culinary delights during the Singelpark Diner . A unique culinary concept in our beautiful Singelpark, where you walk from location to location and get the most delicious dishes.


And when we all look back tired and satisfied on our weekend in Leiden on Sunday evening, we can enjoy the 2.5-hour free concert at the Rapenburg together: the Leids Grachtenconcert .