the following guidelines apply until 6 June 2020:

    • All museums in Leiden are closed
    • Horeca is closed
    • BpluC libraries are closed
    • The larger Leiden theatres are closed and performances are suspended until 01-06-2020
    • The Ice skating hall Leiden is closed
    • Gilde Leiden will discontinue the city walks until 01-06-2020
    • VVV Leiden is closed
    • The Young Rembrandt Studio is closed
    • The public opening Pilgrim year on 27-03 is postponed
    • The opening of Technolab is postponed
    • The well-attended events of the National Museum of Antiquities, during the Week of Classics and the series Eye on Antiquity, are postponed to September
    • The five major student associations of Leiden (Minerva, Quintus, Augustinus, SSR and Catena) will be locked until the end of the month. The doors remain closed for drinks and other activities. The associations have decided this in consultation with the PKvV.

      * the shipping companies do not sail
      * The Saturday Market in the city centre does not take place;
         The Wednesday market in the city centre will be open, but
          in a modified way.  
    • De Singelloop is postfoned to 18-09-2020 (with reservation).
    • Koningsdag (27/4) en Bevrijdingsdag (5/5) in Leiden have been cancelled
    • International Photo festival Leiden postfoned until further notice
    Museumnacht Leiden has been cancelled;  new date 5 June 2021

Update: 3 April 2020

Disclaimer: This information is based on partner information currently known to us and may be subject to change.