• A number of members of the Royal Family lived at Rapenburg during their studies: Prince Alexander (Rapenburg 22), Prince Willem (Rapenburg 24), Princess Beatrix (Rapenburg 45) and King Willem-Alexander (Rapenburg 116).
  • A number of current and former members of the Dutch Royal Family studied at the University of Leiden and some received an honorary doctorate here.
  • A common nickname for the city is 'the Key City', referring to the two keys in the city's coat of arms.
  • Various old masters have ties with Leiden. For example Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Gerrit Dou and Frans van Mieris the Elder were all born in Leiden. All worked in the city for a long time and - apart from Rembrandt - died in Leiden too.
  • The balcony of Rapenburg 56 is where the balcony scene in Paul Verhoeven's film Soldier of Orange was filmed. Since 1968, the ground floor of this building has housed Café Barrera.
  • Leiden has the oldest theatre in the Netherlands, Leiden Schouwburg, built in 1705.
  • Leiden also has the oldest university in the Netherlands. In 1575, William of Orange offered Leiden's citizens the University of Leiden for its heroic resistance during the siege by the Spanish.
  • The ancestors of President Obama lived in Leiden. He is a direct descendant of a Leiden pilgrim family. Presidents Grant, Coolidge, Taylor, F.D. Roosevelt and the Bushes too have Leiden Pilgrims as ancestors.
  • The approximately 6.5km long outer ring of canals in Leiden (the canal pattern) is still fully intact.

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