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Leiden is also fun for children and is perfect for a day out with the whole family! The Leiden museums are perfect for kids, enough (indoor) playgrounds, a children's farm and swimming pools.


Especially the National Museum of Ethnology, Naturalis, the National Museum of Antiquities and the Boerhaave Museum are fun for kids. The exhibits fit good with their world. During the holidays, but often throughout the year, Leiden’s museums have exhibits and activities specially for children. 
See the Museum page for further information.

These museums are perfect for kids


  • Merendroom, Valkenpad 32 (Merenwijk)
    Open: Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 15.00-17.00 hrs, Wed, Sat and Sun 13.00-17.00 hrs
  • Vogelenwijk, Nachtegaallaan 25
    Open: Mon to Fri  9.00-17.30 hrs , Sat 12.00-17.30 hrs , Sun 14.00-17.00 hrs  (first Sunday of the month)
  • Morschkwartier, Damlaan 2a
    Open: Mon to Fri  10.00-17.00 hrs
  • Stevenshof, Carry van Bruggenpad 2
    Open: Mon to Fri  13.00-17.00 hrs
  • Westerkwartier, Ten Katestraat 10a 
    Open: Mon to Fri  8.00-17.30 hrs
  • 't Zonnestraaltje, Aaltje Noorderwierlaan 55
    Open: Mon to Fri  11.00-17.00 hrs , Sat and Sun 10.00-17.00 hrs
  • Prinses Beatrix, Schubertlaan 62
    Open: Mon to Fri  10.00-17.00 hrs
  • ZuidWest, 's Gravensandestraat 131 
    Open: daily 10.00-16.30 hrs 
  • De Vijfhoven, Hoflaan 169
    Open: Mon to Fri  11.30-17.00 hrs
  • Zuiderkwartier, Anjelierstraat 1
    Open: Mon to Fri  10.00-17.00, Sat 13.00-17.00 hrs
  • Speelschans, Van Vollenhovenkade 22
    Open: dagelijks 24 hrs  per day
  • Ons Eiland, Kortenaerstraat 61
    Open: Mon to Sun 10.00-17.30 hrs
  • De Doorbraak, Lakenplein 1
    Open: Mon to Fri  10.00-17.30 hrs
  • Oosterkwartier, Ambonstraat 28a
    Open: Mon to Fri  9.00-16.00 hrs
  • Noorderkwartier, Anna v Saksenstraat 8
    Open: Mon to Fri  13.00-17.00 hrs
  • Rondom de Maredijk, Maredijk 100
    Open: Mon to Fri  10.00-18.00 hrs

Indoor Playgrounds

  • Children’s playground Piraateiland (‘Pirate Island’):  Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2b, Leiden, tel. 071- 523 22 35
  • Children’s playground De Bubbeljungle ('The Bubble Jungle'): Vlasbaan 7, Leiderdorp, tel. 071-589 97 77

Children’s Farm

Children’s farm: Parkzicht, Merenwijkpark, tel. 071-5213071. 
Open: daily 8.00-16.30 hrs

Skating Rink

Indoor skating rink, Vondellaan 41, Leiden

Swimming Pools

  • De Vliet
    Open air pool with a 50-metre pool, water slide, 1 and 3 metre diving boards and a separate children’s area.
  • Vijf Meibad
    Indoor pool with a 25 metre pool with a movable floor and an instruction pool.
  • De Zijl
    Modern recreational pool with leisure facilities, a 25 metre pool and instruction pool. In the summer there are also outdoor pools and grass terraces for sunbathing.

Swimming pools in Leiden